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4 Ways to Make Quitting Is Not An Option

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Have you ever set out on a big grand goal, but you found yourself quitting or wanted to quit.

How did this feel. Did you quit because you wanted to; or did you quit because you could not see a way forward. Either way - quitting on your goals and dreams can have a massive impact on your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence & much more.

Leaving what you desired unachieved, to then leading to a life of regret.

What if you where able to flip the switch, and rise up when quitting seems to be the only option.

What if you could make quitting not an option in your minds eye.

What if I was able to share with you some ground breaking tips to help you thrive when the going gets tough; turning quitting into courage, strength, power, and wisdom instead.

I was someone that wanted to quit & this didn't feel great, to actually breaking free, learning from my mentor John Assaraf how to grow, evolve, and to come back especially when quitting seems to be the only option.

So here I share with you today many tools and tips, that I learned from John that helped me break free from quitting, are you ready to make the same leap:

1. Are you Interested or are you committed?

Here's one question to really consider when you feel like quitting, that John's first mentor Alan Brown also asked him, 'Are you interested or are you committed?'

If you're Interested

  • You'll do whatever is convenient and what is easy

  • You'll come up with stories excuses of why you can't.

  • You'll allow your past or present circumstances to control what you think and do.

  • You won't be willing to go through the discomfort of changing yourself - because your change is absolutely required if you are serious about breaking free from your current beliefs, habits, and results

If you're committed

  • You'll do whatever it takes.

  • You'll take action in spite of your doubts and fears.

  • You will upgrade your knowledge, your skills, and your belief system of what is possible for you to achieve.

  • If you are seriously committed, you'll let go of anything holding you back.

Now is the time to open your heart to this question: Are you committed or are you interested in achieving your life's goals and dreams?

2. Turning your setbacks into comebacks

Think of when a baby first tries to walk, they fall, tumble, and fall again, but what do they do, they try and try again until they are able to walk. Same can apply to your goals and dreams.

See failure as an opportunity to grow, evolve and to learn more. As it doesn't matter how many times you fall, it about standing right back up and trying once more again, and again, and again.

3. Focus on the Power of Gratitude

Have you ever heard of the saying "what ever you focus on expands". Well that being said if you focus on quitting then you shall, but if you focus on what's great, what can you learn from your past failures, what you have learnt and how much you have grown.

How would this make you feel, as both sides of the coin are there, depending on where you place your focus and attention.

By creating a gratitude list, this will allow you to flip the switch and focus on the positive aspects.

What can you be grateful for today?

4. Asking Better Questions

Instead of focusing on problems and quitting - What if you was able to teach yourself to ask more empowering questions, such as:

How can I make progress?

What have I learnd? What do I need to learn? Who's help can I get? What meaning am I currently giving the situation?

How can I flip the meaning?

How would you feel. If you choose to quit, what would this mean for you and your future. I was someone who was on the edge of quitting - but by applying what I shared above I was able to flip the switch, so can you.

Make quitting not an option. Choose to focus you power an attention on how you can win vs why you can't. Believe in you, and have true faith your life can get better no matter where you stand.

"When it feels like your going nowhere keep going. The only way you can nowhere is your you quit. Stick it out and get your rewards." #fearlessmotivation Best of wishes, Sefika

Supercharge Your Persistence!

Instead of feeling like quitting is an option, You will embrace unshakable determination. What this means is unlocking your full potential and achieving your dreams. What that really means is transforming obstacles into stepping stones.

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