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Fallen Off Track... 5 Steps To Get Back On Tracker!

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Are you someone who has fallen off track, finding it challenging to get back on track?

If you stay off track any longer, what would this mean for yourself and your future?

What identity are you creating?

Is it 'I can, I will and I must' or 'I can't, this can never happen, & I am a failure'? As both always exist.

How would you love to get back on track, to ride the waves of 'I can't or won't? To be able to stand right back up and become the person you are truly destined to be!

Isn't it time for you to break the trap, and take off?

1. Choose To Make Progress

Yes, you have fallen off track, but this doesn't mean from this point forward you can't, or won't, get back up... One more step, one more time, one more move. If you stay off track you are rescripting a story of what you don't want, what if you were to rescript a story for what you do want?

Make quitting not an option, choose to make progress daily and this will be your superpower to getting right back on track!

2. Why

Think of why, 'why' you started. 'Why' did you start - to be stronger, fitter, save more, to be independent, to earn more, be happier, for a loved one, for yourself, to feel more fulfilled, be more joyful, to not live in pain, to live a more meaningful life?

You started for a reason, so why not make that reason worthwhile?

If you quit or remain off track will you grow?

Hold on to your big why's and make a move, and remember even if you make the smallest moves "YOU MY FRIEND ARE MAKING PROGRESS".

3. Become Self Disciplined

Make the choice to become self-disciplined. Break free from any bad habits that are holding you back, and create habits that will propel your progress. It takes time and effort to become the person you are truly capable of becoming, but it is worth it!

4. Break It Down To The Ridiculous

Instead of trying to take a massive jump, why not start with a mini step? One step, two steps, three steps, and over time you may even find that you can take a bigger leap. Create the identity of an action taker. The key is not to quit or stay off track for too long, it is to be in inspired action so that you grow and expand.

5. Move With The End In Mind

Take a moment each day, think, and feel how amazing accomplishing your goals would be. Isn't this amazing - keep on reinforcing that image daily. To build a stronger connection. to stay in flow, move forwards, and be sure to create a life of no regret.

Do you choose to stay on track, or do you choose to become more of the person you have been becoming? Right now what do you choose, show up or quit?

I know you can do it!

One more step, one more day, and remember to take breaks in between so that you can recharge.

To an abundant life,


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