Eight Key Actions when Used Daily Can Transform Your Life

"If you focus daily for a year on the discipline and actions needed to succeed you will live

the rest of your life in a way others only dream of."

~ John Assaraf

Take a moment & consider - How you are thinking, feeling, and acting daily?

Are your thoughts, feelings, or actions - Inspiring you or expiring you? Lifting you up or dragging you down? Propelling you toward success or repelling you away from greater success?

As each of these plays a huge part in the results you are currently achieving.

Happy or unhappy, satisfied or unsatisfied, upbeat or downbeat. As the great saying goes - If you want something to change in your life, then you've got to change something. It's not him, It's not her, it's not your friend, it's not your neighbor - BUT YOU. You have the power within you to change anything in your life. You can choose to continue exactly the way you are (whereby nothing ever changes), or you can choose to take charge of your life (whereby you can transform any circumstance in your life) - so that you can live a more meaningful fulfilled life, wouldn't that be great?

But you first have to realize - To truly live a fulfilling life, to achieve more, & to truly find more happiness within, then you MUST CHANGE in order to create space for the life you are worthy of living.

Is it easy, to say the truth I am someone who has been adapting to change for the last three years, and it has come with its challenges... But worthy - Totally without a doubt.

We have one life, so why not make that your best life.

If you are ready to make a change today, right now, as I have over the last three years - here are my favorite 9 Keystone daily rituals that I have learned from my mentor John Assaraf - Time to rise to your fullest potential and expression in life:

1. Gratitude - I AM GRATEFUL

It is easy to get lost in the current world, to focus on what is not good, to focus on what is not right, and to focus on what is bad or hard. Had enough? What if you were able to flip the switch at any given moment, by stepping into the power of gratitude.

When you choose to be grateful daily you train yourself & mind to focus, on the good empowering aspects of life, to flip your switch to a more empowering frequency, to be aligned with the greatness that is within and all around you. Now wouldn't that be great!

As it said - We can't be happy whilst being sad. We can't focus on the negative and the positive. We can't focus on empowering and disempowering things, in one given time. So why not choose to be grateful.

As the legendary, Bob Proctor once said "The entire process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word, gratitude."

WIll you open your heart to the power of gratitude? - If so what are one or two things you can be grateful for at this given moment in time? Open your heart to the power of gratitude.

2. Affirmations - "I AM"

What is your I am (what are repeatedly telling yourself daily)? I am good enough, I can achieve anything I set my mind to, I am smart enough, I am incredible, I believe in myself no matter what, I am living life on my own terms, or are you living life by the polar opposite? For many years I struggled to see any of these to be true - instead, I believed these:

I am not good enough, I can't achieve anything better than what is, I am dumb, I am stupid, I don't believe in myself, I am not living life on my own terms & so much more. Why, because I was repeating these affirmations daily? hence the results that were reflecting back into my life every day - and worst of all it wasn't getting any better it was getting worse. Is your life rising or falling - why not consider your "I am" If someone told you that you weren't good enough over, over, and over again wouldn't you believe this to be true - the same applies to what you think and see about yourself in the mirror daily.

To get the ball rolling - here is one of my favorite life-transforming affirmations shared by John Assaraf my mentor (That I have read in the mirror every day).

"I now understand that old-disempowering low self-image brain cells were activated from the past and this is pretty normal. I have changed as a person. I respect/ed. I am valuable and special enough. I believe in myself more and more each day. My confidence is rock solid. I am deserving and worthy of good. I am good enough and worthy enough. I love life. I am loved. I am love. I am passionate, wonderful, proud, and inspired." How does that feel? Would it not be great if these were a part of your life - it sure can be.

By asking yourself the following -

What 'I am' is holding me back?

Which 'I am' do I seek to be my truth? & with consistent spaced repetition of the new for at least 100 days (as it said, that in order for a pattern to stick, it takes between 66 to 365 days) Innercise.

The law of John Assaraf, commit to 100 days no less.

It can be your new.

3. Meditation - Time to be

When was the last time you sat down and was quiet with yourself? Would it not feel great if you could just take a moment to be. Your mind buzzing. You feeling stressed. Your self-esteem is low. Your body is tense, Have you ever practiced meditating?

Take the time to be, to lift your vibration and energy. Would it not be great! One way to achieve this outcome is to practice meditating daily? One min a day over a period of time can make the world of difference. Will you, with me, and millions of people worldwide practice daily?

4. Innercise - Prime your brain for greater success

How would it feel to have:

- GAINED clarity and to be able to stay focused on your future vision - EXPANDED your awareness of past limitations to override & Go, Go, Go - BECOME more confident, to take action and do. - BUILT a ‘can do’ attitude regardless of your past - SEE more opportunities and step into them - CREATED harmony and flow within - BELIEVE in yourself - LIVE a more meaningful inspired life - ACHIEVE multiple goals again and again - OVERRIDE many old patterns, that now translate into believing within - CHANGE the way I used t