Change Your Beliefs... Choose Your Beliefs

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable"

- Walt Disney

A belief doesn't change itself. But you have the power to change your beliefs.

But how do you change old beliefs?

First identify - Think about this, what do you believe about yourself & your ability to obtain great things in your life? As simple as this question may seem there is A KEY that lies behind it.

Are you running a story of -

"I can't do this". "I am not worthy enough". "I don't deserve anything good in my life". "I will fail like I have done before" "I can never be successful" & much more...

Or are you running a story of - "I am amazing". "I can do anything", "Positivity is my choice". "I am worthy", "I am incredible" & much more...

What beliefs do you hold on too?

Empowering or disempowering, uplifting or draining, sad of happy.

As the beliefs you hold on to & reinforce become a dominant part of your life.

Reflecting from the inside out.

Feeling Trapped by Hindering Beliefs -

For most my life I felt unable to smile, felt really unhappy in life - replaying the beliefs of:

"I am unlovable”, “I am not good enough”, “I am undeserving of good”, “I’ll never be respected” & much more. Reflecting from within, outwardly. As a result, I had extremely low self confidence, self-esteem, self-worth.

To breaking free & so can you, but first it important to understand what are beliefs:

What Are Beliefs -

As John mentions in the video above - Beliefs are nothing more than feelings of our conditioning & life experiences.

A way in which we see the world around us. Your beliefs may be true to you right now, but the great news is that you can change your beliefs.

How to Change Your Beliefs

1. Be Clear, on what you want to achieve?

2. Ask, what do you I need to believe about yourself?

I am happy and grateful now that... I have more than enough confidence to achieve...

I am worthy enough of...

I am amazing...

I am deserving of...

3. Integrate your new beliefs daily, with conscious deliberate evolution (Evolving yourself)

Here's a bonus technique that I learned from John Assaraf, one way to integrate your new belief/s, that when put into practice daily is one piece of the puzzle to believing in yourself more, which can lead to many great things in you’re life.

Brush & Prime So what is Brush & Prime:

After you have created your new belief(s) (2) It time to rehearse your new identity & empowering self-image, esteem, and beliefs about yourself in the mirror daily (A little tip you can read you affirmations/beliefs whilst you are brushing your teeth.)


Why - Think of this way, if you was repetitively told or you told your self your not good enough, over a period of time, would you believe it to be true?

The same applies to positive beliefs - If you were told or you told yourself I am good enough, would you believe that to be true?

But the key lies in applying the power of repetition (as John would say start with at least 100 days) as it takes 66 to 365 days to build replace & make habits stick.

Reinforce a new image into your magical genius mind... so that you can create that empowering belief within.

Here some of the beliefs I created with John a while back (Affirmations):

  • I now understand that old-disempowering low self-image brain cells were achieved from the past and this is pretty normal. I have changed as a person.

  • I respect/ed. I am valuable and special enough.