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Feeling Stuck? How to Climb Out of Stuck-ness...Fast

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Feeling stuck? Unable to make the next move? Why does it feel like your life never changes? Can this get any worse?

If you’re feeling stuck, you’re not alone. Many of us can relate to the feeling of not knowing where to turn or what to do next. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help you get unstuck and start living more of the life you dream.

What is truly holding you back from the success you seek?

Is the success you seek already here in one state or another?

In this blog post, I will share with you empowering way out of stuckness, to get back on track. With the right strategies, you can find motivation, focus on your goals, and start living a more empowered life. So if you’re feeling stuck, read on to learn how to get unstuck and move forward!

Have you ever asked yourself what is preventing you from achieving success?

What are the main things that are preventing you from reaching your goals?

The 6 key things that are holding you back from greater success are:

Fear, limiting beliefs and stories, negative mindset, excess stress, disempowering habits, and lack of emotional control. (Innercise By John Assaraf)

I am sure you have experienced one or more of these in your lifetime. But what do you do?

Can you really break free? Yes!

Before finding John Assaraf & NeuroGym, I was experiencing every one of these obstacles in an intense way. Felt completely stuck, and this was normal to me. Strangely, I was unaware of any of these holding me back in life, and could not see a way forward.

Hence, I am sharing a few tips and tricks I have learned, thanks to my mentor John Assaraf of NeuroGym, Innercise, and much more, that have helped me transform and feel more empowered - and can help you too.


  • What is your big why? Why you will and must achieve your goals and dreams?

  • Are you committed or interested? • How can I frame this in a way to move forwards?

  • Acknowledging that Fear is normal, what can I do to move forward instead of allowing my fears to keep me stuck?

  • “The past doesn’t = Future” John Assaraf

  • Innercise AIA -

  1. AWARENESS (Breath… Bring myself into a calm state: no blame, no shame no guilt),

  2. INTENTION (What is my Intention) (I want to move forwards,)

  3. ACTION What is one small action step I can take to move forwards


  • Creating empowering beliefs to replace the old with new: Affirmations (Vision Board Priming) (Read, feel it, listen to it) example - I am so happy and grateful now for the fact that...

  • Reviewing, tweaking, and adjusting my affirmations and vision the more I progress.

  • Innercise - Open the window (In the past, I used to believe ______ (limiting belief) I was not good enough…) Now I believe _______ xyz

  • Use Mental Contrasing

  • Recrafting my beliefs and stories with NeuroGym's audios.


  • What empowering questions can I ask myself? What is positive? How can I shift the frame from negative to positive?


  • Use of meditation

  • Take a moment a just be still


  • Commit to 100 days of creating or reinforcing empowering habits. Consistency key.

  • When I don't feel like taking action, take even the smallest step


  • Innercise 'AIA' (Awareness, Intention, Action)

  • “Awareness gives you choice. The choice is what gives you freedom” JA

  • Asking better questions

  • Meditate

  • What meaning am I giving things

  • “You are not your thoughts, feeling, or emotions, you have them” JA

I hope these help you on your journey toward greater success. To your greater success

Sefika Evliya

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