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Goal Setting: Build Unstoppable Self Confidence

Confident person setting and achieving goals

Have you ever noticed there seems to be a gap, a gap between I want & I am in your life.

You may have a big grand goal, a goal that would bring you life purpose and meaning. But as of yet, there is no physical existence of your desire.

Why Not.

John Assaraf mentions in his book 'Innercise'

"You may consciously want to have more intimate relationships, but subconsciously you are anchored to protect yourself from feeling rejected. Or similarly, you might consciously want to lose weight, but you subconsciously fear that even if you were thinner you still might feel unlovable, so why bother. And therein lies the problem:
While you may choose your goals consciously, your thoughts often conflict with your hidden emotions and instincts. You can set goals consciously, but if your subconscious processing, habits, and old conditionings are working against you, change becomes difficult, if not impossible."

How Can You Bridge The Gap

William Shakespeare once said: "All the world's a stage."

Think of an actor.

Following a discussion between John Assaraf and the Hollywood Actor Minnie Driver

"So Minnie, how is it you can take a script that your agent gives you and how do you become the role so that you can win an award?"

"John, nobody has ever really asked me that question."

Minnie said: Once she gets the script she reads it three, four, five times to see if it is really what she wants to trade her life for, then when she accepts the script and the contract, she follows a process called practice, drill and rehearse.

Practice, drill & rehearse - Minnie takes hours each day practicing her role in the script.

She does research on the role. Once she thinks and feels that she has the role, really well felt in her emotional self, she then moves to the camera.

"When we have a goal that we look at once, twice or even three times our brains really forget what the goals are, the key is to move it from our 'conscious' aware part of our personality into; our 'unconscious' part of our personality the implicit part of our brains."

This can be done by Practicing, Drilling & Rehearsing:


"Through repetition, practice, drill & rehearsal everyday what we do is set up a new neural pathway in our brain, a new pattern for our brain to not only emotionalise, but a new pattern for you brains to think about and look for. A new pattern for your brain to get into action towards" John Assaraf

Now is your time to bridge the gap between I 'want' & I 'am' - to start moving your goals into physical form.

4 Steps to Hollywood Act Your Vision.

To Create New Neural Pathways

  • Write out your script in present tense. What do you really want in your life ? [SCRIPT]

  • Connect with your script. read, look at & visualise your script daily (As if you achieved what you want to achieve) [DRILL & REHEARSE]

  • Become one with your role. [PRACTICE]

  • Take action until you become one with your goal. [ROLE THE CAMBRA]

Don’t allow your old conditioning to dictate your future, because that's what you have been programmed to see. Go out there and create alignment between yourself and your vision

(Create new neural pathways and coherence.)

It is your time to rescript your future exactly how you desire.

Instead of following the past, create a future and become one with that future vision.

Start working towards what you really want with very little effort.

To an abundant life,


Transform Your Dreams into Reality!

Instead of feeling stuck in the gap between wanting and being, You will take action to bridge that divide and manifest your desires. What this means is unlocking your inner potential and making your goals a tangible reality. What that really means is creating a future aligned with your deepest aspirations.

🚀 Join us for the upcoming Brain A Thon and embark on a transformative journey!

Don't wait any longer. Start living the life you've always dreamed of. Act now! 🌟

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