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Overcome Your Self-Objections... and Achieve Success Faster

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Back in 2020, before I started blogging and created this website here. I was a nervous wreck, shaking, as I made the decision that I would be here today.

Experiencing mental objections of:

I don't deserve to be here, I don't deserve to live my own life, I feel unsupported by my family as growing up I never did, I felt unloved, uncared for, unsupported, and fearful after many years of being a caregiver for my mum. I wanted to be independent but no way, fearing going public not because I would be judged but more like I can never really do this, most of all I feared letting go of what was, even though I decided I was no longer going to use my past as a hitting post, more like a guiding post.

There was fear of limiting self-worth and esteem too & much more. What would you do with these objections?

How was I able. to break free from my past objections that I use to live by, day in and day out?

and how can you?

Reframing It.

I started to use terms such as "I had this fear" and "I used to fear".. Instead of "I am this fear" I started to change the fear into a more positive uplifting frame.

+ an extra boost...

Make a Committed Decision and Take Action!

I made a committed decision with a deadline, that I would have my first blog + website up within a week, this was a massive leap. However, I was able to step forward and make progress.

Ask Better Questions

I started to ask better questions

What do I need to do to move forwards?

How can I make progress?

What tools can I use?

Who can help me?

What do I need to believe about myself?

2 Years + now I was able to overcome all those objections and much more, to build a successful website and blog page that reaches out to many around my passion and joy,

If you listen to your objections, the ones holding you back, will you grow to your fullest potential.

Every step, you take or don't take leaves an imprint on your self-worth and esteem. John Assaraf.

What are you choosing to do today to support your vision? Make sure it is something empowering!

To an abundance of success. Sefika

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Instead of feeling paralyzed by self-doubt, You will transform your objections into stepping stones for success. What this means is you'll harness the power of your objections to propel your journey forward. You'll redefine your fears into tools for growth.

What that really means is you'll break free from the chains of self-limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential.

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