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Turn Any Setback into Your Comeback

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"The possibilities are endless, so never be discouraged by a setback, no matter how big"

Tommy Hilfiger

The world is full of setbacks, but it's how we frame those setbacks that makes a difference.

Are you using your setbacks as an opportunity to grow, or are you allowing them to run your life?

Setbacks can become your greatest comebacks, so you want to learn how turn your setback into your comeback; this is how you can do it.


When you constantly focus on a setback you are giving it energy & power: "I have failed; so give up." "I am not good enough; so why bother." "I have tried so many times; I can't do this no more" "I am a failure; I can't try again" As result of repeating these statements, you are reinforcing & engaging upon what you don't want, vs what you do want - as result you feel stuck and live in a setback. "When you change the meaning, you change the feeling." John Assaraf Hit a setback. What are you replaying in your mind. How about if you was able to "flip the switch", and change your current meaning. Instead of focusing on I have failed, ask yourself -

What have a learned? Who can I become? How can I do better next time?

Instead of "I am not good enough", ask yourself -

What if I was good enough?, How can I believe in myself more?, When was a time when I felt good?

Instead of I tried so many times, , ask yourself -

- What if this time I win? Who will I become in trying again? What is a different approach I can take?

The law of polarity states that you cannot have an up without a down, an inside without an outside or an electron without a proton for that matter.

This means that in EVERY situation, there MUST be a good or bad that can be found within it. The key then is to learn how to raise your awareness to see both and then choose where and how to best focus your attention and energy for maximum effectiveness to achieve what you desire vs what you do not want.

The emotion of fear which causes worry, doubt, stress and anxiety is caused and felt by people who can only see one of the two sides of the same coin. BOTH good and bad, positive and negative always exist.

What YOU are committed to focusing on after you become aware of both is what will ultimately determine your destiny and result." ~ John Assaraf

How are you framing your setback's.

How can you frame your setback's to empowering vs disempower you.


When you train your brain to ask empowering questions, you are training your brain to focus on the empowering vs disempowering. Have a setback, now is your time to turn it into a comeback.

What are a few empowering questions you can ask today, to empower yourself.

- What is working really well right now, and why?

- What is not working, and why?

- What can I do to make my life the masterpiece that I want it to be?

- What do I need to let go off?

- What do I nee to start?

- Who's help do I need? - What tools or resources can help me get a head faster?

John Assaraf

The power of your questions will determine your focus, and your focus will determine what you focus on.



Do you have a big enough why?

When you have a big enough why, you turn up the fuel motivation (motive for action) creating a deeper motivational drive to keep you motivated to overcome the fears, the doubts, anxieties, ups downs or challenges - that come your way as you grow and expand.

This can lead you to taking inspired action, in-spite you experiencing or going through a setback, you can now turn that inner fuel into your comeback.

What a great way to boost your motivation for action!!

You have the power within you to override any setback.

To you greater success,

Sefika Evliya

Unleash Your Comeback Potential!

Instead of feeling held back by setbacks, You will harness them as stepping stones. What this means is transforming adversity into opportunity. What that really means is taking control of your destiny.

🚀 Join us at the next Brain-A-Thon and discover the secrets to turning setbacks into comebacks!

Don't let setbacks define you. Act now and rewrite your path to triumph! 🌟

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