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It's Not Too Late... You Can Still Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Motivational Image - Make This Your Best Year Yet

Last year... did you achieve your goals or dreams? Are you celebrating your heart's true desires; or are you living life the same as you always do; or worse off?

Feel stuck, trapped, want to break free, want to explore and live more in your life.

What if I was to tell you there is a way? A step that lies right beneath your feet... The first step...

How committed are you to making 2022 your best year ever, and to living life by your own terms? Are you ready to make 2022 your best year ever & much more!! It starts with these Three Simple Steps...


How clearly defined are your goals and dreams for the year?

Do you know exactly what you would love to achieve - not what others believe or see you achieving, but what "YOU" would love to achieve?

As without clearly defined goals you are likely to get the same old result for your health, finances, relationships, contributions & much more, day in and day out... STUCK. I was someone that lived by those terms and felt like life was going downhill... Not a great feeling, hey. But to now living a more purposeful, meaningful life. Experiencing and seeing amazing results manifest daily, is the best feeling ever!! - and so can you! As back in 2019, I took on John Assaraf my mentor's book & program 'Having it All' to find out the keys to achieving more... And the first step was "GAIN CLARITY" on what you desire.

At first, this may seem challenging - however, by taking the time to define your goals and dreams, you are solving one part of the equations for your greater success.

Why Clarity of Your Vision is Crucial to Achieve Your Goal

2. MAKE A INTERESTED OR COMMITTED DECISION: The second step to consider. A key question by John Assaraf's first mentor Mr Alan Brown: "Are you interested are you committed?"

Well, what is the difference... If you are Interested

  • You'll do whatever is convenient

  • You'll come up with stories excuses of why you can't.

  • You'll allow your past or present circumstances to control what you think and do.

  • You won't be willing to go through the discomfort of changing yourself - because change is absolutely required if you are serious about breaking free from your current beliefs, habits, and result"

If you are committed

  • You'll do whatever it takes.

  • You'll take action in spite of your doubts and fears.

  • You will upgrade your knowledge, your skills, and your belief system of what is possible for you to achieve your vision.

  • If you are seriously committed. you'll let go of anything holding you back.

By answering this key question - you'll find out whether you can truly achieve what you have set yourself out to achieve.

Are you committed or Interested in making your goals and dreams your reality?


The third step, once you have defined what you would love to achieve, and have made a committed decision to do so... is to Ask yourself... WHY MUST I ACHIEVE THESE GOALS?

What are your big 'why's' in obtaining these results? Something that stirs your soul, and helps you when nothing seems to be happening.

Maybe it is for your children, to not be defined by what you experienced in the past, to live life to the best, to live a life of no regret, to be living a purposeful meaningful life, to have a positive impact on your life and other people's lives, to live a healthier lifestyle so that you can..... By diving deep & being clear on your 'why's' you are creating motivation... to help you move toward your goals and dreams instead of remaining STUCK!

"When your "Why" is big enough, the "how" becomes so much easier. When you choose your goals, make sure that you really, really, really have a bigger why than just yourself and self-gain."

~ John Assaraf Then create your plan of action, which you can find in many of my previous blogs too! Are you ready to make this year and the next best year even, by your terms? To your greater success,


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Instead of feeling stuck in the same old routine, You will gain clarity, make a committed decision, and discover your 'why' to transform your life. What this means is you'll break free from past limitations and create a life of purpose and meaning.

What that really means is you'll make 2022 your year of profound change and success.

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Under the guidance of Sefika, you'll uncover the keys to achieving more and living life on your own terms. This is your opportunity to make a real change and achieve your biggest goals.

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I would love to hear from you!

What’s your big stretch goal for 2021? Will you use the process outlined above to accomplish your goals? Let us know in the comment section below.

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