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Do This Under Times Of Stress

 The image illustrates a serene scene, with someone practicing a stress-relief technique under the title "Do This Under Times Of Stress." In the midst of life's challenges, it's crucial to discover effective ways to manage stress. Explore this blog post for valuable insights and strategies to find peace and maintain your well-being, even in turbulent times.

In today's hectic world, stress lurks around every corner, challenging us to rise above it. Do you find yourself succumbing to its pressures, dwelling on the negatives, or do you confront it with resilience and optimism?

In our quest to understand and conquer stress, let's explore the Reactor vs. Responder dynamic.

We'll dive into the art of turning anxiety into empowerment, worry into calm, and chaos into control.

But before we embark on this journey, consider a profound thought from John Assaraf: "Under times of stress, you will revert back to your highest level of training."

What does this mean for you? Are you genuinely in control when stress strikes?

When under stress are you the reactor or responder?


  1. Do you only see the negative in everything?

  2. Feel anxious or have racing thoughts

  3. Constantly feel worried or stressed

  4. Always feel moody, irritable, or angry.

  5. Feel extremely overwhelmed.

  6. Feel lonely and isolated.

  7. Eat more or less.

  8. Sleep too much or too little

  9. Feel withdrawn from others, are you procrastinating, or are you neglecting responsibilities?

  10. Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax

  11. Are you engaged in nervous habits (e.g., nail biting, pacing)?


  1. Do you feel optimistic and energetic?

  2. Feel calm and centered.

  3. Able to handle your negative emotions.

  4. Engaged in empowering habits

  5. Taking care of yourself daily

  6. at peace of mind

  7. Less stressed

  8. Well rested each day

  9. See life in a positive light.

  10. Have great energy levels.

What did you score?

Consider whether your actions are empowering or disempowering you.

Reactor or Responder

Some time ago, I remember hearing the following:

"Under times of stress, you will revert back to your highest level of training" by John Assaraf

What does this truly mean? Under times of stress. Are you at choice?

Do you react or respond?

Are you in a state of calm or stress?

Do you out lash or are you at peace?

As for each state. YOU can make a shift.

But first, we must understand what stress is.

Stress is when the demand exceeds your current capacity. (John Assaraf)

When you stretch beyond your current or previous boundaries you will experience or feel stressed.

If there was a way to be less stressed and be more at choice would you take it, as I did many years ago?

What can be done about stress? De-stress vs. stress

In the past, I was someone who was a huge reactor! But how was I able to break free—to shift into a state of responding vs. reacting?


I started to feel panic attacks, felt overwhelmed, my mind was always buzzing, 'what if' negative thoughts were always playing, I was lacking energy, I was crying a lot, and so much more. REACT, REACT, REACT (a lot from the list above)


Feeling 10x more empowered to feel calm each day, having reduced my overwhelm, being productive, feeling less stressed, being able to reframe my negative thinking in an upbeat way, feeling more energetic, smiling every day, and being a lot more in control, wouldn't that feel great?

How to Make the Leap

So how was I able to leap... After years of feeling stuck, I spent three years practicing techniques alongside my mentor, John Assaraf, and that is where the magic happened...

Are you fed up with always feeling stressed? Are you ready to leap?

Here is a great way to get started on your journey:

How to Reduce Stress: Exercise #8 | John Assaraf


Hit the reset button. Take a moment and think of when was the last time you set aside some time to just be.

Be calm, be peaceful, be mindful... Be in control of your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions. But not just one day or two days; make this your new state of being, and with practice, this can be the new norm. Will you take some time today to reset your thermostat so that when stress does occur, you have more choices?

To the calm and peace you seek,

Sefika Evliya

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Solution: Hit the reset button. Take a moment to embrace calm, peace, and mindfulness. Be the master of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Make this your new way of life, and with practice, it becomes your norm. Will you reset your thermostat today, ensuring you have more choices when stress strikes?

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