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Discover Your Big Why: Uncover the Key to Motivation and Success

 A person climbing a mountain, symbolizing determination and success.

"Why you want to achieve your goals will play a big role in whether you achieve them or not" ~ John Assaraf

What is your big WHY? What is your big why for wanting to achieve your goals & dreams?

Take a moment and think about a goal you have. Why do you want to achieve it?

As simple as this question may seem, there is a power that lies behind it.

Think about it this way, maybe you want to become healthier, start your own business, write a book, run a marathon, or become happier... WHY?

Maybe you...

Want to become healthier to spend more quality time with your children.

Want to start a business, to impact people in a positive way with the knowledge or skill you have to offer.

Want to write a book, to inspire many through your story.

Want to run a marathon, to support a great cause.


By answering WHY you create a shift that:

- BUILDS MOMENTUM & helps you progress towards your goals & dreams.

- CREATES MOTIVATION or what John calls it 'Your Motive for Action'.

- ADDS MORE PURPOSE & MEANING towards your goals & dreams.

- ENHANCES your get it done muscles.

- And when your "Why" is big enough, the "how" becomes so much easier.

January 2020, I started blogging here. WHY -

- To be able to contribute what my first mentor John Assaraf has taught me over the years of being in his orbit. As what I share is my passion and joy.

- To help improve your lives, and the life of those yet to step foot on this beautiful planet we call home.

- From overcoming a very challenging past, to now sharing what I have learnt and applied to lift you & many up as they climb.

So know I ask you -

Why do you want achieve what you have set yourself out to achieve?

What is your Motivation (Motive for Action)

Take a moment and consider your why's. Dive a deep and explore life through the eyes of your why's, and remember when you choose your goals, make sure that you really, really, really have a bigger why than just yourself and self-gain.

To your greater success, Sefika

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Instead of feeling lost in your goals, You will discover the power of your "Why." What this means is finding your true purpose and drive. What that really means is achieving your dreams with unwavering motivation.

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