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Release Your What If Fears & Start Living Your True Destiny

A woman confidently stepping forward into her destiny.

What if I don't succeed, what if I am not good enough, what if I am not loved, I am rejected, embarrassed, ashamed, judged, or even ridiculed.

A never-ending line of what if fears. Like many, I've felt every one of these what-if fears, and they almost ruined my life.

The truth is as John Assaraf once said "We live in a universe of dualities and polarities; for every up, there must be a down; for every inside, there must be an outside; for every positive, there must be a negative"

What the opposite applied to your what-if fears - What you succeed, what if you were good enough, what if you were loved, smart enough, confident enough & much more.

Then what.

If one holds on to their 'what if fears' for too long, it can start to strip away one's true identity, which causes more harm than good. As we feed our fear power we permit it to govern our lives.

We all live in a world filled with fears a never-ending line of fears. Whether those fears are a real threat or not. Fears start in the mind! Our brains cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined.

“When you are facing a perceived threat - whether it’s truly threatening or not, real or imaged - the part of your brain that controls fears take charge.” John Assaraf

Living In A Black Box Of Fears

Growing up, I was someone longed to find the answers to the following question:

What if I never out what happiness is? What if I become depressed? What if no one loves me? What is my life never gets better? I was living in a black box of my own 'what if fears' of what I believed at the time to be true. could not see a path beyond this point. Feeling so hopeless and useless... What was the true purpose of life? To live, die, and in the end 'nothingness', as my life was heading in a downwards spiral.

My life was quickly heading in a downwards spiral. As I was the one who FEARED!

Governed By Fears

Suffering in silence with the fears I never told. Back in 2008, my life took a 360-degree turn as depression struck again!

"Mum, please 'don't kill yourself!" As my mum suffered a mental breakdown.

She held a knife towards her wrist. At the time that girl felt so hopeless, useless, worthless.

As depression struck again! As my mum was taken away in the ambulance, that young girl lost her mum. The mum who would cuddle, be supportive & share love, and in return; that young girl received a quiet, zoned-out mum who had lost hope in living.

“Mum, do you not see life beyond how you are feeling?”

“No, because I am depressed’

Stillness… Quietness. At times it's like talking to a blank canvas.

Depression Stuck Again

The reason why I say "depression struck again" First my older sister then my mum.

I have a sister who was born was learning difficulties, who later on in life developed mental health issues, whereby when her mental health deteriorates; she unaware of her actions, her actions resonate with a young child, shouting, screaming, crying, and worse.

Suppression Leads To Depression

For many years I hide away suppressing my what-if fears, masking my feelings with a fake smile. I would secretly scratch my hands, even bash my head against a mirror! Not because I was depressed, but because I wanted someone to hear me, notice me. To see the true hurt that I going truly through.

That young girl was never heard by anyone. Leading me the fear of becoming like what I witnessed 'Depressed.'

Edge OF A Window

One day, I finally plucked the courage to step into my fears of depression asking to help my doctor. He asked me questions about my family history, then bam, a set of antidepressants.

As I took the tablet that day a few hours late. Superwoman had entered to room, I had a reaction to the tablets. I felt like jumping out of my window.


The doctor gave me another set of tablets, which lead to the following question and answers that lead me onto the path of changing my destiny.

“Will I ever not be depressed.” And “What I the likely hood that I would get these tablets.”

“Never” “You will always be depressed, you will always be depressed.”

A Choice To Make

At that moment, I had a choice to make.

To give in to my fears or to take charge and step into my fears of the unknown.

Never Looked Back:

I was not depressed. I was lost in a long trail of emotions & what if fears which at the time I couldn’t see a way forward from.

Path To Freedom

Back in February 2018, I embarked on an amazing self-development journey whereby I came across John Assaraf's work, wisdom & light, to purchase his book ‘Innercise’, which lead to John Assaraf becoming my mentor.

‘Exercising My Brain Muscles’ with the teaching, training, and programs, after just 2 months, and my what If fears turned into my power and strength.

I would be lying if I was to say has been a straight path, but totally with practice a worthwhile path. A path that has changed my destiny in unbelievable ways beyond any words.

Are you ready to learn and practice releasing your What If Fears:

Innercise - Fix Your Focus, And Release Your Fears

  1. Identify anything that causes you to feel the emotion of fear.

  2. Take 3 deep breaths, In through your nose and out through your mouth.

  3. Next Image the potential negative outcome, then the positive outcome. Keep breathing (Remember you are just imagining)

  4. Then ask yourself - Which one do you prefer, the positive or the negative outcome - If it the positive.

  5. See yourself experiencing a positive outcome.

Before I End This Blog, I would like to leave you with the following words. Never think that any storm or challenge is too big to overcome. Never let go of that true sparkle that lies within you. You are worthy. Keep on shining. Keep smiling and remember to love yourself.

Instead of dwelling on your What If Fears, it's time to take control of your destiny.

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Your destiny is waiting; it's time to face your 'What If' Fears and create a brighter future for yourself.

Explore more empowering insights and resources on our blog.

Remember, the only way to truly overcome your 'What If Fears' is to face them head-on.

Your destiny is waiting; don't let fear hold you back any longer.

All the best,


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